What can I do with NESPAP?

Currently the following functions are available:

  • eMap: Expert profile database where you can search for, connect with, and exchange with other education experts
  • eForum: Discussion forums that cover all sectors of education
  • eResources: Resource repository where you can publish/self-archive your own articles on education, and search for resources from other experts
  • eJobs: Online job board where you can post, search and apply for jobs
  • eConf: Schedule for upcoming events with a registration system

How do I register my account? (eMap)

You can send your CV at nespap(at) to receive a link to the registration page. Upon submitting your account information, an email will be sent to you with a link to complete the registration process. Once registered, you should complete your online profile using the Profile tab. Under the Profile tab, click the Edit button to add your personal information, areas of expertise and upload your CV. Be sure to save your information by clicking ‘Save Changes’.

To update email address and password, go to your profile page by clicking on your name in the sidebar. Then go to “Settings” > “General”.

How do I join a group? (eForum)

You can see the list of groups in the eForum page. Some of them are open to the public whereas others are private and require membership (granted by invitation) for you to join. For any/all pages you wish to join, click the ‘Join Group’ or ‘Request Membership’ button on the right.

How do I add my document? (eResources)

There are two ways to navigate to the ‘Add New Post’ page. First, go to ‘eResources’ under the menu bar and click ‘Post new document’ from the drop down menu. Alternatively, by clicking the eResources tab, you will be directed to the eResources page. At the top of the page is a link to post a new document. After filling the form you can submit the post by clicking “Submit Post!”. The submission is complete when the page is automatically reloaded.

How do I post my job? (eJobs)

You can go to the post form by clicking ‘Post new job ‘under ‘eJob’ in the menu bar. Fill in the form, and press ‘Preview’ to see how your post will look like. You can then click ‘Submit Listing’ to submit your post. After moderation, the post will be visible to everyone on the job listings.

How do I add my event? (eConf)

If you wish to add your own event to the calendar, please send a private message to “NESPAP Administrator”, which can be found by searching with “nespap” on eMap’s member list page. Please make sure you include the date, location, organizer’s contact information, and event details in the message.

How do I delete my account?

If you wish to delete your account from NESPAP, please send a request to an account “NESPAP Administrator” via private message. You can find the account by searching with “nespap” on eMap’s member list page.

Any more tips?

YouTube videos are available for tutorials:

You can access details on how to use NESPAP in our User’s Manual. You can also refer to a list of the categories (in eResources) and areas of expertise (in eMap), and document types (in eResources). If you need further assistance, you can reach the administrator at nespap(at)